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  • ReStore Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
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Build Strong, Build Loud, Build Together!

Welcome to St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity

Building Hope ~ Restoring our Community ~ Transforming Lives

St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity is a Christian Ministry, touching lives by revitalizing homes and neighborhoods in our community in partnership with God’s people in need.

Since 1995, St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity has worked within our community building decent, affordable homes for those in need. We’ve grown from an all volunteer organization to a community supported organization in St. Joseph. Building and revitalizing homes and neighborhoods is visible; building hope while transforming lives is what is felt throughout the community from our homeowners’ to all the selfless volunteers. Together we are able to work side by side with low-income families to make their dreams come true.

Together we make a difference!

St Joseph Habitat for Humanity invites people from all walks of life to work together in partnership to build and revitalize homes with families in need. Since its start in 1995, St Joseph Habitat for Humanity has built 57 homes throughout St Joseph.

We rely on your donations to continue to do God’s work.




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    September 12th & 13th – RePurpose with ReStore and Wal-Mart North FLYER


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    Soccer Trades Footwork for Handy Work, Humanity Work